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Tiger Chicken

Get a secret recipe for Crispy Korean Fried Chicken at our Cooking experience class and take the food home with you!

Want to learn how to cook healthy Korean fried chicken? Then this is the place for you!

Are you fed up with cooking the same things on a daily basis? Then come and join this Korean cooking class and gain new experiences.  You will learn the step-by-step process of how to make Korean fried chicken. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a professional as long as you have the passion to cook then come and enjoy your time learning new cooking techniques and mingle with new people. 

After each cooking lesson, you can enjoy the food you made with your family and friends!

This experience will be at a shared kitchen where all Korean restaurants cook their delicious food.

Brand Story:

Tiger Chicken sauce was founded 45 years in South Korea.

This has been our family brand and we look forward to tasting this at every reunion event.

Now that we have opened our flavors to the public, I can’t wait to share this delicious authentic Korean chicken
flavor with others.

CEO Story:

I’ve been in Dubai for almost 20 years, and like other people, I’m also missing my hometown.
Hence entering in Food & Beverage business gave me an idea of building a brand that connects with our family.

Special Characteristic of Tiger Chicken:

Koreans are known for living healthy mainly on their food, hence we remove chicken skin and remove fats from
chicken chips to lessen the oil intake of the customers. We also make sure that our Chicken is HALAL approved for our Muslim brothers & sisters.


Korean cooking experience

130.00 AED

Korean Cooking Experience  130 AED

What is included? 

1- A cooking class to teach you how to cook Crispy Korean Chicken

2- All ingredients included

3- Take the food that you made and share it with your loved ones back home.

Location : Gongyu Kitchen at Al Quoz

Date and TIme : TBD

Minimum number of participants :  2 people

Maximum number of participants : 10 people


What is "Flavour of Asia" by Springs15?

Springs15 started our journey in 2020 in Dubai dreaming of more creative ideas to be able to come to life and we have successfully led projects that could introduce new Korean culture and trends to the UAE throughout the year 2021.

In 2022, Springs15 is aiming to bring new flavours from Asia that have been unfound and unexplored yet in the Middle East, and here we are so happy to introduce our own new brand "Flavours of Asia" that will fly you to the world of Asia with various authentic homey Asian meal kits prepared by Asian moms in the UAE.

Join the feast of Asian flavours and feel authentic Asia with us.

Learn More About Springs15

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