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Project Description

* Flavours of Asia meal kit order/delivery is going to be on a weekly basis. 

All the items that you order from us throughout the week (from Saturday to Friday at 6 pm will be delivered altogether on the following Monday) *

** Delivery: every Monday (only within Dubai)

** Delivery charge: over 200aed-free of charge, under 200AED-30aed extra charge cash on delivery

Dakgalbi (Korean  Spicky Chicken BBQ/ 닭갈비)

Dakgalbi is a delicious, spicy grilled chicken dish from Korea that's a popular choice for friends who are getting together to go out to eat

 In Korea, it's a communal dish that's cooked and shared among a small, intimate group of people, so it naturally stimulates conversation and a good time. It is impossible to eat dakgalbi in silence.

Are you ready to eat dakgalbi? Please say yes, because you will definitely enjoy it!

** Item Package 

** Ingredients

Chicken, pear, soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, gochujang, vegetable oil, green onion, sesame seeds.

** Recipe

1) In a pan, heat 2 tablespoons of cooking oil on medium-high heat.

2) Empty the pack of meat and vegetables

3) Cover with a lid and simmer until the vegetables and meat are tender.

**Meet the Chef

Mrs. YUN is well known Korean chef amongst Dubai Korean community and also a host of her own guest house.
As a mom to 2 boys, she is also a hands-on home cook who always focus on healty authentic Korean food.

** Delivery: every Monday (only within Dubai)

** Delivery charge: over 200aed-free of charge, under 200AED-30aed extra charge cash on delivery

** guide on how to order, get it delivered and enjoy our meal kit.

1) Choose any items from our menu that you would like to have next week

2) Order the chosen items on our website before Friday 6 pm of the week to get them delivered on Monday of the following week

3) All the items that you order on the week will be freshly-prepared and vacuum seal packed over the weekend 

4) All the items that you order will be delivered together on the following Monday

5) Keep all the items in the fridge and enjoy them fresh throughout the week



67.00 AED

Dakgalbi AED 67
Serving: 2
Ingredients: Chicken thigh fillets, sweet potato, carrot, cabbage, Korean perilla leaves, Korean rice cakes, cooking oil.
Sauce: Gouchujang, gouchugaru, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger, Korean curry powder,  onion, black pepper


What is "Flavour of Asia" by Springs15?

Springs15 started our journey in 2020 in Dubai dreaming of more creative ideas to be able to come to life and we have successfully led projects that could introduce new Korean culture and trends to the UAE throughout the year 2021.

In 2022, Springs15 is aiming to bring new flavours from Asia that have been unfound and unexplored yet in the Middle East, and here we are so happy to introduce our own new brand "Flavours of Asia" that will fly you to the world of Asia with various authentic homey Asian meal kits prepared by Asian moms in the UAE.

Join the feast of Asian flavours and feel authentic Asia with us.

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