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Hand-made Christmas DIY Cookie Kit only for 35aed!

(3 handmade cookies + 3 colors icing creams + Sprinkles)

The Christmas is just around the corner! yay!  And we all know Christmas won't be complete without sweet cookies for the little ones!

The most yummy handmade Xmas cookie kit at most affordable price!

Decorate the cookie any way you like,  and enjoy your holiday full of bliss.

This cookie kit includes:-
- 3 Cookies
- 3 Icing Cream
- Sprinklers


Cookie Kit

35.00 AED

Cookie kit (AED 35)
- 3 Cookies
- 3 Icing Cream
- Sprinklers 

Kimchi & More

Kimchi & More is an online food venture that combines Korea and UAE culture through amazing halal Korean dishes. The homemade business by friends Hyeyeon Lee and Amina Abbassi wants to bring “Korean food to Arab nations’ daily table that is healthy, nutritious, and delicious,” Says Hyeyeon “People are still not familiar with Korean food, so we are trying to let them explore the taste of Korea through our menu.”

The Co-Founder met in a Korean class that Hyeyeon was teaching, and Amina was one of her students. Hyeyeon is a language teacher and translator, while Amina is a pastry chef. The two are passionate about Korean food and cooking, so they decided to open Kimchi & More online last year. Both are working hard and having fun creating different halal Korean dishes – like their bestselling organic Kimchi.

What is the story behind Kimchi & More?

Hyeyeon: I studied abroad since 2011, and since food is my passion and I lived outside Korea for a long time, I felt homesick and asked my family to bring food whenever I studied. I started to invite friends over for Korean food, and they were amazed by the home-cooked meals. This is how I got the idea of opening a food business in Dubai.

Amina is enthusiastic about Korean food and culture. She started to get interested at age 16 and that's the beginning of her journey exploring different dishes. She travelled to different Korean cities and tried the local homemade cusines. 

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