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Project Description

               Welcome bojagi lovers!

If you are a fan of traditional Asian handicrafts, and always try to mix and match this Asian style in your daily outfit,

This online class by the most famous Bojagi artist in Korea will let you know how you can bring this Korean traditional beauty into your style.

* Online class (50mins) - 2 styles of Bojagi wrapping ( Bottle wrapping  + Bag wrapping)  / 2 Bojagi(the fabrics) included

1. Bottle Wrapping :

You can use any bottle to wrap, it could be a bottle of perfume or olive oil of anything that you will think is a great gift when you are invited, but as always it is hard to find a way to make it look nice.

Try this Korean bojagi bottle wrapping style. Whoever gets this present, will remember how beautiful it was forever.

2. Bag Wrapping : 

Went out without carrying any bag? No problem, we will teach you how to wrap a cloth into a bag that can be used for many purposes!

Also, when you go out for a party, it will add a unique look to your style!

*Price: 150aed including the 2 fabrics with 2 different styles

*The attendee will get together at one place for an online class, and the class itself will proceed live online

*Class Schedule and time will be announced once a minimum attendee of 4 people are collected (Maximum 8people)

A sneak peek at how to make a bojagi Wrap

What is Bojagi?

A bojagi is a traditional Korean wrapping cloth. 

Traditional Korean folk religions believed that keeping something wrapped protected good luck.

Bojagi are typically square and can be made from various materials, including silk, ramie, and hemp.

Embroidered bojagi are known as subo, while patchwork or scrap bojagi is known as chogak bo.

Bojagi has many uses, including gift wrappingweddings, and Buddhist rites.

More recently, they have been recognized as a traditional art form, often featured in museums and inspiring modern reinterpretations.

The Museum of Korean Embroidery in Seoul has a collection of 1,500 pieces of bojagi, with a particular focus on chogak bo.



Bojagi Online Class

150.00 AED

For one class (Aed 150) including the fabrics,

you will learn 2 different wrapping styles which are for bottle wrapping and bag/gift wrapping.

Class Schedule: TBA soon

Time: TBA soon

Hye-joung Yim

I run an eco-friendly flower atelier called Enkotte. Enkotte means a pine cone in Swedish. I started studying florist in Sweden and was interested in horticulture therapy and eco-friendly flower arrangement with Korean traditional bojagi, an eco-friendly wrapping method.

Learn More About Hye-joung Yim

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