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Jerome Nicolas
Jerome Nicolas Contact Creator
Full name: Jerome Nicolas
Email: [email protected]
Shop: Jerome Nicolas
Member since: 1 year ago

Artist Bio :

Jerome Nicolas is a Filipino artist based in Dubai. Growing up, he developed a deep interest in dinosaurs as well as other animals. All the cartoons, anime and movies he loved watching as a child inspired him in designing his own creatures, monsters and superheroes of all kinds even at a very young age. He even won several art competitions such as the MTV Asia's contest to “Create Your Own X-Men Character” in 2003 as a teen with his entry ‘Hellsprout’.

Developing his skills through self-teaching over the years, his art grew from one work to another. He has made them all with superb attention to details such as colors, tones, structure and depth. His style is an amalgamation of different things he loved from his early years as an artist. This, alongside his passion for creatures and characters, enables him to create elegant, complex, and powerful pieces from his imagination. 

As a person, Jerome is a passionate and inspired individual who values experiences in life. These experiences have helped him develop resilience in everything he faces – be it in the art world or outside.

He always seeks new knowledge and skills that help him move forward to becoming the best artist he can be.

He loves conversations with people from different cultures and backgrounds because he believes that everyone has a story to tell that he can learn from.

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